Eco project “Re-Woman“

Raising a sustainable business woman

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Every journey starts with a single step. I, as a designer, took mine in 2009 with the realization of the project “Re-women” (Recycled ones), when I first re-designed (up-cycled) clothes that were donated to me by successful Slovene business women.

The project has already taken place for the third time with a much larger scale of participants – 30 women have donated over 100 pieces of clothing. Each project finished off with a photo-shoot, where the models were the real business ladies who donated the clothes. In this way I combined fun with an act of greatness. Also the re-designed clothes were later offered for re-purchase, and 90% of everything was sold. A great success. 

The recycling of clothes is an otherwise widespread activity in fashion that has recently been becoming more and more popular. The emphasis of recycling is an eco-friendly lifestyle that can be directly linked to questions of eliteness vs. consumerism and instant cheap fashion. I consider the end product of the re-modelling process a piece of art. Furthermore, as a long-term re-cycling pioneer I am convinced that this kind of recycled fashion will become a vital part, if not a guideline, of the fashion industry. In this post we find photos of “fake” models & real women wearing pieces of their re-cycled clothes, woven together into a story. 


“Checkmate” is a collection that symbolizes balance, reason and healthy measures. It emphasizes compromise and co-existence between nature and humans, the leaders and the ones being led. The leaders should lead by example, just like Slovenian business women did at the fashion show “Re-women 3”.

What does a company that is kind to people and the environment look like, who leads it and what is it like? To answer these questions we must have a great amount of optimism that these companies and people even exist. 

Should we then trust my optimism capable of convincing some of the most successful Slovenian women to participate in an eco-project? Definitely. Let the spirit of my idealism be shared not only with the top of the fashion world but also with the top of the business world. Social responsibility and an eco-friendly lifestyle are necessities. The rest is up to us.

“To build a Style is like raising a Child; start as early as possible & never give up.”